Social Media

"POP it like it's hot" Blog Post Announcement

Twitter (2022, October)

In addition to writing the weekly blog posts, I created tweets to announce each blog post. Since we were featuring an organization that reached out to high school students (POP), I played with the blog title and tweet by incorporating a popular song.


Were Ross and Rachel actually on a break?

Twitter (2022, October)

Since our pathology audience favored light-hearted tweets, I tweeted the "big" question that had Friends fans buzzing.


International Left Handers Day

Multiple platforms (2022, August)

We often featured fun holidays on our social media platforms. I designed image and provided copy for this tweet. The content was also repurposed for LinkedIn and Facebook.


Residency Interview Questions

Multiple platforms (2022, August)

For #MatchMonday, I developed the idea to get recommended residency interview questions from a prominent school. I designed the image and provided copy for the post. Content was repurposed and posted on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Cats, Dogs or Ducks?

Twitter (2022, July)

As a fun Saturday tweet, and knowing our audience favored tweets about pets, I asked #PathTwitter about what day was it actually? The duck reference was directed to a prominent pathologist and avid follower who had pet ducks.


Twitter Poll

Twitter (2022, July)

I conducted Twitter polls to increase engagement. I created the question and tagged a handful of loyal followers.


Happy Father's Day

Multiple Platforms (2022, June)

We ended our weekly #PathDad feature with "Happy Father's Day" on June 19. The content was repurposed and posted to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Call for Guest IMG Bloggers

Multiple platforms (2022)

Instapath has a large following of International Medical Graduates (IMG). I created the idea to feature IMGs as guest bloggers for Instapath's blog. Image was posted on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Father's Day Feature Announcement

Multiple platforms (2022)

I created #PathDad which was a series we featured on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook each week during Father's Day month.


Summer Research Roundup

Multiple platforms (2022)

I created this image to serve as the picture accompanying the Research Roundup blog post announcement on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Blog Post

Breaking Barriers & Saving Lives

Instapath Blog (2022, August)

See, Test and Treat (STT) is a program that offers free health screenings to women in at-risk populations. I secured an interview with the College of American Pathologists Foundation President, Dr. Carey August. CAP Foundation is the organization which oversees the STT program.

Research Roundup Q2-2022

Instapath blog (2022, June)

Throughout the year, I assembled a list of top research papers in a variety of topics trending in pathology. We distributed the list on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in addition to posting on our blog.

The Science of Social Media

Instapath blog (2022, April)

Recognizing the "Who's Who" of pathologists active on social media, I secured interviews with multiple notable pathologists and weaved in a mix of their direct comments and original content.


Instapath's "Best of" 2021

Instapath blog (2021, December)

I ran analytics for our various social media platforms and compiled a list of "Best Of" for 2021.


Clinical Applications Page

Web (2022) https://www.instapathbio.com/clinicalapplications

I redesigned Instapath's full website. This page showcases the clinical applications for its medical device.

Research Applications Page

Web (2022) https://www.instapathbio.com/researchapplications

I redesigned Instapath's full website. This page showcases the research applications for its medical device.

LuciNow Page

Web (2022) https://www.instapathbio.com/lucinow

I redesigned Instapath's full website. This page showcases the on-demand use of its medical device.

Products Page

Web (2022) https://www.instapathbio.com/products

I redesigned Instapath's full website. This page showcases Instapath's three uses of its medical device and serves as the cockpit to navigate to the individual product pages.


Mythbusters, Pathology Edition

Inside Look (2022, August) https://mailchi.mp/f7c8f0bb5c6f/pathmyths

Inside Look is Instapath's bi-monthly e-newsletter. I supplied content ideas, images and copy for all issues. This issue featured top answers from the Twitter community about pathology myths. We also featured four engineering interns.

I matched! Now what?

Inside Look (2022, April) https://mailchi.mp/4 ... e=[UNIQID]

Inside Look is Instapath's bi-monthly e-newsletter. I interviewed pathologists and quoted them throughout this issue as well as provided original content.

CPS is On Its Way!

Without Borders (2009, February)

This article, published in the digital newsletter for company's public relations force, served as a final push for acceptance of new software by reiterating its benefits and including PR managers' positive reviews. I designed and created all content.


Magazine Article

Get the AFib Facts

Live Healthy magazine (2016, May)

The topic of this article is a very common health issue among the company's members. The purpose was to educate members who are experiencing AFib at all stages.


7 Days to a Healthier & Happier You

Live Healthy (2015, January)

Provided copy and design concept for this health and wellness article featured in the first 2015 issue of Live Healthy member magazine.


What a Year

Spotlight magazine (2009, January)

I took advantage of an open page to translate sales numbers into what it meant for the company's mission of serving others.



Celebrating the Moments

Live Healthy magazine (2016, May)

Article was written on behalf of the president of Medicare Advantage and published in the quarterly member magazine. I proposed the theme of 15 tips to celebrate 15 years. The idea was embraced by my superiors and our designers, and the final product was beautiful.


Hats Off to You

Spotlight magazine (2009, February)

Article was written on behalf of American Income Life CEO and published in the company's monthly recognition magazine.


White Paper

Luci for Research Applications

Sales material (2022)

Instapath was in need of a white paper to showcase its medical device for research applications. All information was obtained by me through researching industry information, company presentations and dissertations. I created and designed all content.


Press Release

Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County Hammers Back

All media outlets (2017, November)

Houston affiliate received city funding to assist with disaster recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey. It was crucial to our stakeholders to hear the organization's voice on how the funding would be utilized and that plans were already being executed.



Learn the ABC’s of Heart Health

Print distribution (2015, February)

Supplied copy and provided design direction for monthly insert in members' Medicare Advantage Explanation of Benefits.


Health, Happiness and You

Print distribution (2014, May)

Supplied copy for buckslip in members' Medicare Advantage Explanation of Benefits.



Members-Only Meeting

Print distribution (2015, September)

Supplied copy and provided design direction for invitation sent to members encouraging them to attend an info-session exclusively for members.


Direct Mail

Get Your Free Flu Shot

Self-mailer (2016, August)

Provided copy and design concept for this annual mailing.


Trying to Reach You - Bilingual

Postcard (2015, December)

Postcard incorporating both English and Spanish content to reduce cost and complexity of mailing two separate materials.



Jill Levy

Spotlight magazine (2008, November)

This is an introduction of a board member to the company's sales and public relations teams. After receiving basic information, I further researched Levy to form the article, leading to its beginning quote which was transcribed from an online video of one of Levy's speaking engagements.


Event Promotion

Convention Highlights

Spotlight magazine (2008, October)

Copy was printed on back cover of agent magazine and served to motivate sales and public relations teams by highlighting event details.


Sales Collateral

Dasher Board Advertising

Print distribution (2010)

Product is the redesign of company's ad sales sheet to better showcase community reach and relationships exclusive to in-rink advertising, while highlighting company’s mission and community impact. I gathered facts and figures from research.