Instapath's "Best of" 2021

Instapath blog (2021, December)

“Best of” the Blog

Our blog has transformed over this past year, and we have so many of you to thank. From feature articles to advice about Match, you have made our blog special. And popular! That’s why we knew we had to put together a “Best of” with our top blog posts of 2021.


Fan Favorites

As a digital pathology player, we are humbled and encouraged to report readers loved our Spotlight featuring Dr. Ritcha Saxena (@RitchaSaxena), a leader in digital pathology education. It was one of our top blog posts in 2021. Also topping the blog charts is Dr. Pembe Oltulu’s (@pembeoltulu) Path At Last! From Turkey, With Love.


New Kids on the Blog

This year we highlighted two new resources in the pathology community:

Exploring Diversify in Pathwith Diversify in Path (@DiversifyInPath) podcast creator Michael Williams MD, MSc (@bluehatcomics85)

● Pathology and Digital Communications: parts oneandtwowith Digital Communications Fellowship (@DCF_Path) founders Dr. Kamran Mirza (@KMirza) and Dr. Michael Schubert (@MichaelPathMag)


Instapath Favorite

Bringing the microscopic world to young students in Nigeria

We first met Akpan Friday (@damiakpan) on Twitter after reading about his endeavor to bring microscopes to schools in Nigeria. A young college student with a bright future as a scientist, he splits his time between studies and X-WOW Kids Science Club (@X_WowCom). As a microbiology student, he hopes to encourage children to consider science as a pathway to solve challenges and achieve improvements in everyday life.


Guest Blogger Love

What would we do without our incredibly talented guest bloggers? Year 2021 introduced PathTwitter to Catelyn Aliana Jones with her articles Treating Patients Who Are Doctors, Too and We’re Losing Our Colleagues to Mental Health Issues Caused by COVID-19. Dr. Snehal Sonawane (@Snehalshankar) brought us Standardized Structured Reporting (SSR) in Pathology: parts one and two. And Dr. Talat Zehra encouraged us to think globally with Digital Pathology: A Global Review. We’re always looking for the next great blog post, so reach out and let’s talk.


“Best of” Twitter

Whether we’re polling or trolling PathTwitter, one thing is certain: we love every engagement we have with you! Whether we’re asking you if you named your microscope or running a poll to find out how many plants are too many plants for an office (answer: there’s no such thing as too many plants), our aim is to get to know you. Here are a few follower favorites.


PathStache 2021

With support from 5 pathologists/aspiring pathologists, we pulled off the first-ever (to our knowledge) pathologist mustache contest. It was all part of Movember - also known as no-shave November when bros from around the world support their fellow bros by growing and showing their ‘staches all November long. The competition was fierce - first place ‘stache won by 5 votes! And who was that winner? It would be none other than the man, the myth, the legend Dr. Kamran Mirza. A huge thank you goes out to our 5 bros who made the ‘stache competition possible as well as everyone who voted, retweeted, liked and commented on PathStache tweets. We will definitely be revisiting PathStache in 2022.

Pictured left to right: Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD; Andrew Biesemier, Class of 2022; Leon Metlay, MD; Levi Endelman, MD; Abhi Tushir, MD


VirtualPathMatch Celebration

Match. ‘Tis the season for freak-outs, exhaustion and questioning one’s ability to survive another day. But all of those late nights and cold pizza breakfasts pay off when Monday of Match Week arrives. Then it’s four more days of freak-outs, exhaustion and questioning one’s ability to survive another day. Finally, the day of all days arrives: MATCH DAY! We were honored to celebrate PathMatch21 virtually alongside newly-minted residents from around the globe! While the celebration may have been virtual, we were getting all the feels from the excitement buzzing around the pathology community. PathMatch22 - we’re already wearing our party hats! 


National Love Your Pet Day

Pathologists and pets - always relevant and always welcome on our feed. From bunnies and cats to chickens, pigs and dogs, pathologists’ pets are just as unique and complex as their pathologist-owners. What began as a simple call for cute pics of your fur babies turned into one of our top tweets in 2021. Check out all of the pets in February’s tweet.


Polls on Polls on Polls

If there’s one thing pathologists like to do it’s vote! Here’s a few PathTwitter polls we love. Keep voting and we’ll keep the polls comin’! 

How do you keep your personal workspace?




Team dogs or team cats? (We went there.)




Are pathologists generally introverts or extroverts?