Hats Off to You

Spotlight magazine (2009, February)

This issue of Spotlight has always been my favorite. This is our month to announce the 2008 Year-to-Date Award Winners, Convention Qualifiers, and President’s and Founder’s Club Qualifiers. Making this announcement even sweeter is the fact that these individuals were peak performers during AIL/NILICO’s best year in company history. 

It’s been said that everything great and worthwhile is an accumulation of hundreds and sometimes thousands of tiny efforts that go unnoticed or unrecognized. That may be true for many companies, but not at AIL/NILICO. Here, all of your efforts are appreciated. “B” knew that in order to build a company of hard working, dedicated individuals, people needed to feel appreciated for their efforts. This is the purpose of Spotlight, and we are proud to dedicate every issue to you. We don’t publish just one issue per year noting the top performers. We recognize the smaller efforts put forth by everyone, month after month, which accumulate into our record-breaking achievements. 

I am eager to stand on stage at the 2009 Beverly Hills Convention and recognize the efforts of AIL/NILICO’s 2008 Year-to-Date Award Winners. I am honored to salute your hard work and express my gratitude for what you bring to this company. Just as I look forward to recognizing our top performers, I equally enjoy our field force congratulating one another for a job well done. As members of the World’s Greatest Sales Force, you are each, in large part, credited to one another’s success. When reading through the names of the Year-to-Date Winners, you are sure to find at least a few individuals you are acquainted with. Pick up the phone and personally congratulate them. If you’re headed to Convention, shake the hands of these individuals and praise them for their hard work. You will be amazed at the momentum you yourself will acquire by acknowledging someone else’s achievements. 

Your WILL 2 WIN is evident in the success we have already achieved this year. Our momentum is reaching break-neck speed. We are sure to hit even more phenomenal company-wide achievements in the months ahead. The road to $X is a road we will travel together, so let’s continue to celebrate our efforts every step of the way.