What a Year

Spotlight magazine (2009, January)

Year 2008 will remain on the AIL/NILICO record books for its earth-shattering production achievements and company-wide victories. And with our outstanding successes we never forget what lies at the heart of AIL/NILICO. 

Hitting each of our unbelievable production figures measures more than the number of reinstatements or agents coded, more than the leads generated or the cards returned. There is a story behind every number. There is a working family who is protected, there is a union we reached out to, and there is an agent who has the opportunity to experience Opportunity Unlimited.

And, there is you. Your fortitude, your zest and your courage to achieve the remarkable made achieving these records possible. These records measure your determination to hit each and every obstacle head on and your conviction to keep persevering in the face of doubt and fear. Your WILL 2 WIN is evident in every record we break and in every step we take towards $X and X leads.

Success at AIL/NILICO means we are taking a stand for what is right and for what is deserved. We stand for employment opportunities, protecting working families and personal excellence. We are successful because we believe. We believe in the opportunity to help others. We believe in the leaders and the determined individuals who are a part of our company. We believe in you. 

In 2009, we will continue to believe together and we will continue to achieve together. Thank you for making 2008 a year to be remembered.